Sahara (Sahara Desert)

4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)   4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)   4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)
4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)The magical world of sand dunes and dunes ... Here passe team invisible. Before us is infinite ... 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb) 2a (700x540, 254KB) 9a (700x404, 265KB)
4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)Great host country - Sahara (Sahara Desert) 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb) Sugar -. the most famous desert . It is the largest desert in the world It is situated in the territory of 10 African states. "Sahara" or "the rock" - an Arabic word, means simple drab brown desert. Say the word aloud, not Knowing if he rattle man choking thirst and scorching heat? . This is the hottest part of the world In the Sahara over the years there is no rain, and if it happens, it falls Often not reach the floor - to air dry. 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)  4a (400x600, 174KB)  5a (466x700, 179KB) 7a (334x500, 142KB)  26a (340x700, 239KB)  8a (507x700, 327KB) 1a (700x466, 148KB) 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)In the morning sun rising ball of fire and heated all: the air is hot and dry, burning lips, and the earth standing impossible. Arab proverb says "the wind Increases Sahara and falls with the sun." The wind can bring dust storms, and faces the dreaded "sands music" And Then on the scan terrible whirlwind desert - sandstorm. At night, the heat is unbearable Replaced by penetrating coldness. Such sudden changes can not withstand even the stones - Which exploded with a loud bang. These stones are entered in the Sahara known as "shoot", and the inhabitants of the desert say, "the sun in our country makes even stones Cry Out". 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb) 11a (700x513, 238KB) 10a (700x398, 162KB) 3a (700x525, 468Kb) 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)The Sahara stretches from the Atlantic Ocean in the west to the Red Sea in the east, and to the foot of the Atlas and the Mediterranean coast in the north of about 15 ° N (Lake Chad) to the south, Which borders with the area of savana.Sua area of approx. 7,700,000. Km2. - Australia is a vast and only slightly less than Brazil. For the most Sahara is not less Europe, with all its islands. 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)  6a (700x406, 285KB) 13a (400x600, 223kb)   12a (428x640, 175KB) 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)Tuareg, Berber, always wandering to the remotest regions and inhabited the Sahara, known as "blue ghosts." The blue veil covering the face, so there is only one track for the eyes, the young man is on a family holiday When he turns eighteen. From que moment he passe the man, and never in my life, day or night, it does not remove the veil face, and would only postpone a little away from your mouth while eating. 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)  14th (465x700, 356KB)   15th (394x700, 262KB) 16th (700x349, 235KB)  4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb) Sahara -. is the collective name of a series Desert, Involving a single space and climatic characteristics . Its eastern part is occupied by the Libyan desert On the right bank of the Nile to the Red Sea, the Arabian Desert stretches south from coming into the territory of Sudan, is the Nubian Desert. There is another, less desert. Often They are separated by mountains with very high peaks. There are in the territory of the Sahara and the mighty mountains with peaks up to 2,500 thous. M, and the extinct volcano crater Emi Kusi, Whose diameter is 12 km, and plains covered with sand dunes, depressions with clay soil, salt lakes and marshes, lush oasis. They replace and complement each other. There is Also a giant basin. One of Them is located in the territory of Egypt in the north-eastern part of the Libyan desert. He Qatar, driest basin on the planet, its bottom 150 meters below sea level.   4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)  23a (394x700, 308KB)   28th (399x600, 219KB) 29a (436x569, 221KB)   25a (425x640, 221KB) 18a (368x623, 191KB)   17a (466x700, 376KB) 22a (700x525, 305KB) 4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)In general, the Sahara - a vast plateau, dining room, the fixed nature of Which is only broken gutters in the valleys of the Nile and Niger and Lake Chad. This plain only three places to the really high mountains, though small in area,. He Highlands Ahaggar (Algeria) and the Tibesti (Chad) and . the Darfur Plateau, rising more than three kilometers above sea level  All the oases of the Sahara, surrounded by a grove of palm trees. Date palms -. the basis of life for the local residents Dates and camel milk - a staple food, fellahin farmers . It is Believed que the groundwater, water supply, these oases come from the slopes of the Atlas, located at 300-500 km to the north. All life is concentrated Mainly in the peripheral parts of the Sahara. The largest settlements are concentrated in the northern regions. Of course, the roads linking the oases, there is. Only after the discovery and early development of oil, we have built several roads, but along with Them, continue to run camel caravans.   4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)  42a (700x395, 300Kb)  19a (466x700, 255KB)  20th (425x640, 168KB) 24th (427x640, 284KB)  33a (292x550, 156KB)  4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb) It's hard to find a more beautiful . view of the sunset in the desert . Maybe just the dawn makes more of an impression on the traveler The sky at sunset each team a new combination of colors is impressive - is red pearl and pink blood, imperceptibly merging with blue pálido.Tudo it is piled up on the horizon of a few floors, lights and sparkles, growing by some bizarre forms of dream, And Then Gradually fade. Then comes almost immediately completely black night, the darkness can not dispel even the bright southern  4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)  30a (640x410, 157KB)  38a (700x437, 220KB)  39th (680x434, 233KB)  37a (700x464, 126KB) 41a (600x450, 214KB)  4360286_3aeb9249af7bcadb69c2924c4406d5d8 (108x94, 22Kb)