White Sands Lencois Maranhenses

In Brazil, there is a unique place, which surprised even the Brazilians themselves. This National Park Lençóis Maranenses (Lencois Maranhenses), located in north-eastern Brazil, in the state of Maranhao, near the town Barreyrinyas. Lencois Maranenses - amazing countryside on an area of ​​1000 square meters. km, combining the white sand dunes of up to 40 meters and framing them clear freshwater lakes.

At first glance, the landscape in the park is like a desert, but in the rainy season (and here the winning 300 times more rain than the Sahara) water collects between the dunes, creating the amazing beauty of the landscape: the combination of the blue-green water and white sand. For its beauty Lencois Maranenses also called "sheets of Maranhão."
During the rainy season in the park Lençóis Maranenses blooms life: the birds, there is fish, shrimp and other animals.Also revive unique mangroves to 12 meters high, in the wilds inhabited by caimans, deer, hares and golden giant crabs.
In crystal-clear lakes teeming with life than the pleasure of enjoying the residents of several small communities located within the park. From December to March, during the dry season, the temperature in these areas reaches +36 ° C so that the ponds dry up partially disappear and many of their inhabitants, and the locals are beginning to actively engage in animal husbandry and wait for the rainy season, when its bloom again Lencois fragile unearthly beauty.
Mystery is what happens to a large livestock during drought and where there. On this account, there are different hypotheses, one of which states that the crabs and fish roe preserved in the sand before returning desired humidity.