It is a beautiful journey through the Amazon jungle

The main river in South America - the majestic Amazon River is the deepest in the world.  Together with its numerous tributaries, feeds an area of more than 7 million in 2011 was recognized as one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

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Almost half of this area is responsible for Brazil, and the rest to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Venezuela.  On the second through the Amazon extends from 34 million to 121 million liters of water.  And the amount of water flowing annually from the Amazon to the Atlantic Ocean a fifth of the fresh water flowing into the oceans all combined streams.

The Amazon basin is interesting primarily for its surprisingly rich and diverse fauna flora.  The valley is home to many unique species of animals and plants.  For example, one kilometer from the Amazon jungle grows about six thousand species of plants and living representatives of more . a thousand species of birds  . In addition, each fifth of the world population of about a bird of the Amazon  Tropical forests along the river banks have unusual structural diversity, which is due to their age: in a time when many of the the world's forests have not existed, the Amazon jungle has occupied its territory.  When the world began was cold almost touched the wild forest Ice, so Amazon fauna has been actively developing and unhindered.  For a long time, America south separated from the north, allowing flora and fauna to their own development path and form a single species that are not found elsewhere on the planet.

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Amazon -. Home to millions of different creatures  This is, without exaggeration, the main natural treasure of the earth.

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The photo Victoria Amazonica (water lily) -. The largest water lily in the world, its diameter may exceed 2 meters  was named in honor of Queen Victoria.  The leaves of plants not sink therefore can support the weight of a solid, such as a small child (30-50 kg).

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Amazon Tsvetkov appear on the water surface, once a year during flowering, only for 2-3 days.  The flowers bloom only during the night and in the morning again to go under water.


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Most of the Amazon is still absolutely no one and never studied.  We can only guess what is in this jungle.

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In the Amazon jungle there are websites that grows only one type of tree -. Hirsuta Duroia  . According to legends of local residents in these strange places lives an evil spirit  Hence the common name -. Devil's Gardens  For a long time the phenomenon has been a mystery for scientists by 2005, biologists at Stanford University found that "the devil's gardens" because there are symbiotic ants and hirsuta Duroia.  Experiments have shown that local self-lemon ants destroy the germs of any other species of trees than Duroia hirsuta. Therefore, using the formic acid, which acts in this case as a herbicide.  Ants use the hollow stems tree like build nests.  In big "grounds" worker ants number reaches 3 million individuals.  The most the "Devil's gardens" includes about 330 trees, and he reaches the age of 800 years.  annual increase Gardens of almost 1%.


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In recent years, deforestation in the Amazon reached such proportions that large areas of land freed of the trees are now clearly visible from space.

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Three-toed sloth

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Noisy toucan bird with disproportionately large, but at the same time extremely easy beak. More Features credulity and docility.

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The macaw photo (in this case, blue and yellow macaw).  They have a very strong beak, which can break into pieces the tree branches.  They live in groups or pairs, often, less often they lead solitary lives. Life usually ranges from 30 to 80 years.  There are cases where the kites live up to 100 years or more.

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This Jaguar -. The only member of the Panthers genre (tigers, lions, leopards, jaguars) in the territory of North and South America  . In fact, the largest cat in the New World and the most powerful predator in South America  Jaguar has often the main special place in the beliefs, legends and culture of the tribes living near the Amazon River.  The local hunters say that the jaguar can hypnotize their prey, and also mimic the cry of any bird or animal, in order to atraí- them for it.  An interesting fact is that the jaguar rarely attacks humans.  Having met a jaguar in the jungle forest, many travelers imbued with an unusual sense of reverence and a strange surprise, fear not.  Often, a person can exercise Jaguars in the woods for curiosity.

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In the dense forests of the Amazon can be found here such a handsome man.  This dog-constrictor, another of his name -. a good tree  . This snake lives only in the branches of trees and feeds on birds that hunt at night  Emerald Tree Boa It reaches a length of 2-3 meters.  You can even add that it is perhaps one of the most beautiful snakes in the world.

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Pictured above a flock of scarlet macaws.  Parrots are very intelligent and well tamed.  It is known that the macaws can pronounce a few dozen words (up to 100 or more for intensive training), mimicking human speech.  However, maintaining this house parrot is much more complicated than a dog or cat.  Macaw parrot needs a lot of attention, you can create inconveniences for its high aggressive shouting spoils various objects (for example, able to cut steel wire in its own cage).

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The photo above iguana.  Iguanas are extremely diverse in its color and some other features. Earlier, when scientists are not yet able to compare the DNA of animals such as the profusion of colors introduced researchers astray.  They managed to divide the iguanas in various . dozen species and subspecies  So all these ratings abolished and joined the vast majority of iguanas, regardless of their "costume" in a kind. - common green iguana (Iguana iguana)  Why green  iguanas For "ordinary" are black , purple, blue, red, orange, blue, even pink!  And they say that scientists are guided only by the laws of logic ...

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Woolly monkey

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The Poison Frog amounts of these dart frogs family can be enough to kill 1,500 people.

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Amazon river dolphin or dolphin White River or ine.  The largest river dolphin in the world.